Ben & Darren (Daz) started up in late 2016 after an initial spell of gardening in our previous home which had a terraced garden with a Japanese & formal English segments which were completely overgrown when we moved in.  Having no gardening experience prior, we really got stuck in reading books and watching online videos to learn how to garden and just get out and start digging was really great fun, but it was hard work!  We eventually got asked to become members of the National Garden Scheme (NGS) that allows garden owners to open them up to the general public every year.  Money raised went to Cancer care charities which was a wonderful thing to have been involved with, so this gave us both a big excuse to keep the garden tidy.

As well as wearing wellies at weekends to keep the garden going, we built up a passion for succulents, cactus and miniature gardening.  We were inspired by this from holiday road trips in South Africa, where Ben is from, and we visited countless small towns and beautiful coffee shops along the the distant highways, where we came across the most beautiful succulent and cactus displays you have ever seen, including living wall art and overflowing garden pots with colourful succulents.  We wanted to be reminded of our trips abroad of these wonderful little places that inspired us so much, that we created our first living succulent hanging picture frame.  Made up of moss and chicken wire to hold everything in place we could reuse old picture frames and turn them into hanging pieces of art.  We wanted to create succulent displays inside the garden pots at home too but a lot of succulents do not like living in the cold British winters, so we decided to try our hand at terrarium gardening to bring the outdoors – in and we filled our first glass terrarium bowl with lots of colorful succulents, this quickly become a hobby and in turn became Botanicalboys.

Our love for gardening, terrariums and plants constantly grows, and we strongly believe that plants give people a sense of happiness, relaxation and healthy living.

Love Plants, Love Life!

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