About the boys

Our adventures into terrariums began back in 2009 when Ben and I moved into a garden flat in East London.  We renovated a Japanese and Italian water garden from it’s overgrown past.  The garden attracted the attention of the National Garden Scheme and we now open twice a year to the public.

The garden was featured on the BBC Great British Garden Revival programme, The Sunday Times, Abigal Will’s The New London Garden book and several featured articles.

Inspired by what we achieved with our garden, we decided to broaden our horizons after a trip to California, where we discovered the world of succulents.

Bringing back some of those ideas to the east of London, we started creating terrarium gardens.  We would display them at our garden open days and people would buy them.  We were inspired to make more of them as we sold all of them.

This got us thinking, that a person does not necessarily need a garden to enjoy plants and that a terrarium allows you to bring the outdoors-in to display in your home with minimal care.

We increasingly became excited about terrariums so we decided to teach other people to make them.  We held our first workshop at our east london studio to a group of people and it was a huge success.  Our teaching has rapidly extended to special events, corporate team building, private events, weddings and public workshops such as The Ideal Home Show.

We also have a range of beautiful bespoke hand-made glass terrariums for private commissions.

Our passion for helping people find their creative side through terrarium design is strong.  Our guests walk away from our classes with a sense of pride and achievement.  Gardening on any level is so much more just digging holes and planting a shrub, it’s about that connection to the natural world and the positive affects it has on a person’s well-being is crucial more than ever in the fast paced world we live in today.

Love Plants, Love Life!