Company Wellbeing

Team Events

Botanical Boys care about nature and we also care about you and your wellbeing.  We know that staff are more productive when they are happy.  So we’ve applied our learnings, feedback and testimonials from our workshops to offer your company a beneficial and affordable wellbeing team event for your staff.

By introducing your staff to create a indoor garden terrarium, without even knowing it, they will be practicing mindfulness.

When people in the office get an opportunity to engage with plants and create their very own miniature living world, they automatically feel uplifted and energised.

Wellbeing Benefits

  • Feeling of appreciation – we all like to be thanked from time to time, terrarium making helps stimulate positive thinking and team collaboration.
  • Improved sense of belonging –  giving staff engaging and creative experiences helps nurture a feeling of belonging.
  • Developing – encouraging employees to learn about terrariums develops curiosity and hidden creative talent.
  • Celebrating – capture those great moments of achievement in a terrarium giving everyone long lasting positive memories.
  • Terrariums on desks will add to a healthy office environment.
  • People feel instantly uplifted.
  • Reduction in anxiety and stress levels.

Overall benefits in our experience running hundreds of workshops is that people simply feel happy!

Our workshops are organised around your schedule.  Contact us now for a quotation here.