Alocasia Macrorrhiza 200cm Tree


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Add some beautiful natural drama to your home with our Alocasia macrorrhizos,  a species of flowering plant in the arum family which is native to rainforests of Borneo to Queensland and has long been cultivated on many Pacific islands and elsewhere in the tropical regions of the world.

The image is a representation of the tree you are purchasing.

Size:  H 200cm Pot W 45cm

Delivery:  For local pick up at our Kings Cross Store we have a delivery parking zone just opposite our store.  We will deliver to local homes if this is something you would like let us know on check out.  

Availability:  Due to us needing to order from the growers, it may take more than 1 week to get the tree in stock.  

Care guide: 

LIGHT:  Requires bright indirect sunlight

WATERING:  Allow top 2″to 3″ of soil to dry out in between watering, but keep moist but not wet to avoid fungal infection.  The plant will require less watering needs in winter. 

FEEDING:  Use a good plant feed every 2-3 weeks in the growing seasons March to Sept.  Never feed in Winter. 

TEMPERATURE: Alocasia plants like warm conditions between 15 and 26 degrees.  Keep away from strong drafts and air conditioning units.  Alocasia will drop their leaves often and produce new ones, sometimes bigger than the existing ones.  

HUMIDITY: Alocasia love being in a humid environment.  Keep them close to other plants or add a humidifier machine in your room.  Ideal spot a bathroom with natural light or another room with other plants about. 

BUGS:  Spraying your Alocasia every couple of weeks with a warm water and a little soap mix will prevent mealy bugs, spider mites, aphids and scale infestations. 

DISEASES: Prevent diseases such as root rot by not over watering your plant, allow to dry out in between watering and keep your Alocasia in a well ventilated spot.   The sign of root rot usually shows as brown spots appearing on the leaves.   To avoid this ensure your decorative pot has some clay pebbles or small stones in the base to act as a reservoir.  When you water it the bottom of the inner plastic pot should never sit in a pool of water, this causes root rot. 

REPOTTING:  Alocasia like being in tight pots, wait until the plant shows signs of it outgrowing it’s pot then only re-pot it into one pot size up using a good potting soil.  




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