Cork lid Forrest Terrarium £60.00



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These beautifully crafted glass jars with cork lid, are carefully planted with a selection of Fittonias, Mosses, Stones, Cute little miniature Ivy, living mosses and natural stones.  It will remind you of being in the countryside each time you look at it!

The jars are extremely low maintenance and self watering, which is great news for anyone who does not have time to maintain house plants.  This terrarium does it by creating it’s own eco-system.

Terrariums originally came about in 1829 from a chap named Dr Nathanial Ward.  He discovered a way to store plants in glass containers for long periods of time.  Coincidentally he built a Wardian Case that was used to transport indigineous plants from the UK to Australia and vice versa.  Today we know them as Terrariums.

purchase viagra online in india What do you get:

  • Mixed colourful Fittonia plants
  • Bun Moss for landscape effect
  • Mini Ivy
  • Garden furniture, park bench or a miniature human being!
  • Selection of rocks
  • Glass Jar 22cm by 18cm
  • Arrives by hand at your door in a gift bag and care booklet

Availability:  On receipt of your order we endeavour to have it with you within 2 weeks. viagra side effects for heart patients

Delivery:  Free local East London delivery.  Wider London postcodes will incur a small fuel/ travel fee, please ask us before ordering.

We look forward to making you smile.

Love Plants, Love Life!




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