Ficus Bergundy 180cm


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Add some beautiful nature into your home with our Ficus rubber tree range.

From the tropics regions of the world, these plants require a humid and warm environment.  They are fairly robust but can lose a leaf or two if moved about too much.

The image is a representation of the tree you are purchasing.

Size:  H 180cm Pot W 50cm

Delivery:  For local pick up at our Kings Cross Store we have a delivery parking zone just opposite our store.  We will deliver to local homes if this is something you would like let us know on check out.

Availability:  Due to us needing to order from the growers, it may take more than 1 week to get the tree in stock.

Care guide: 

LIGHT:  Requires low light to moderate light.  Avoid direct sunlight.

WATERING:  Allow top 2″to 3″ of soil to dry out in between watering, but keep moist but not wet.  When you do water let the water drain out of the base and pour out any excess from the pot tray.  Avoid your plant sitting in water to prevent root rot.

FEEDING:  Use a good plant feed every 6 months or so, this plant does not need too much feed.

TEMPERATURE: Room temperature from 15 degrees to 26 degrees.  Avoid placing plants directly next to your radiators or air conditioning units.

HUMIDITY: Ficus will like a humid environment.  Leaving a saucer of water next to it or a humidifier in the room will keep it happy.   Mist the leaves each week and keep the leaves dust free.

DISEASES: Prevent diseases such as root rot by not over watering your plant, allow to dry out in between watering and keep your plant in a well ventilated spot.   The sign of root rot usually shows as brown spots appearing on the leaves.   To avoid this ensure your decorative pot has some clay pebbles or small stones in the base to act as a reservoir.  When you water it the bottom of the inner plastic pot should never sit in a pool of water, this causes root rot.

PESTS:  Due to the higher humid conditions Ficus enjoy it will attract Spider Mites, Mealy Bugs and Thripe.  If any insects are spotted, just mi a little soap with water and spray your plant leaves and the stem.  If this does not work use Neem Oil.


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