Moss and Fittonia Eco-System Terrarium


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Bring the outdoors-in with one of our lovely hand made terrariums to order.

An enclosed bespoke designed terrarium, housing a beautiful living world that you do not need to water for many months!

What you get

  • Large 3.5 Litre Glass container with cork lid
  • Plants that love moisture including Fittonia, Bun Moss, Miniature Ivy
  • Decorative stones
  • Care guide

Bespoke hand made:  Your terrarium is hand made and it will be ready within 1 week.

Collection in person:  Please let us know after checkout if you would like to come to our private studio and pick up your terrarium.

Delivery:  Free Local delivery.  All other deliveries across London is just £9 delivered by us.

Love Life, Love Plants!


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