A beautiful little living moss garden for your desk.  Watch the moss grow over time, just like a lawn, and trim it once in a while.  A lovely way to relax and connect to nature in a micro way.

What you get

A 12cmh x 7cmw Moss Dome glass Garden with living moss OR a Flat Dome at 7cmh x 10cmw.  Please tell us on checkout what size you want, (Tall or Flat Dome).

How to care for my Moss

Avoid direct sunlight

Spray water if it gets dry, usually every 2 months on average if you keep lid on.

If it gets too steamy, it just means there is a little too much moisture, air it out by removing the lid for a couple of hours then place lid back on.  You should get some condensation inside as this is what feeds the garden.

Plant Guarantee

We give you 30 Days Guarantee, if anything happens with your moss we will replace it for free.  After 30 days we will charge a small fee to replace it for you.


We will carefully package your item into a box or you can always arrange to come and collect it from us.

Please note there are tow pieces of glass, the base and the top.  The top will be sealed with some sticky discs, you can remove them if you want to.  Be careful opening the lid to avoid breaking the glass.


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