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Botanical Boys Terrarium Kit includes all the materials you need for building your very own enclosed terrarium if you already have your own glass vessel at home.   Ideal for a jar size approx 12cm wide or less. If your jar is larger than 12cm diameter then we recommend you buy our larger terrarium kit ingredients.

NOTE:  The glass jar is not included with this kit.  Your kit contains plants suitable for closed vessels.  If you are working with your own glass vessel, please ensure it has a lid to cover the top to allow the moisture inside to circulate.

What you get:

  • Substrate clay pellets
  • Sphagnum moss
  • Carbon
  • Botanical Boys Soil mix
  • Selection of terrarium plants (For additional plants such as miniature Alocasia Bambino and Asparagus Ferns visit our store and add to your basket.
  • Toolkit – Brush and Cork stick

Note:  The kit does not come with glass vessel.

Instructions:  We offer live online classes to teach you the steps to build a terrarium, this kit does not come with written instructions. To book a online class to build your terrarium in your own vessel using this kit, please check out our “online workshops” section on the website.

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