Mother Nature in a jar

Botanical Boys really care about your well-being by teaching the art of terrarium design you will be practising mindfulness in a relaxed environment.  As well as experiencing relaxation, you will also be preserving your very own slice of Mother Nature.


We are very pleased to be offering a variety of terrarium workshop experiences through our official partners.  To access your experience please click on the links below.

1.   Short for time?  Build your very own indoor garden within an hour.  Try out our Jar-Eco System workshop Book! – 1 hour workshop

2.  Discover colourful plants making your own Succulent Terrarium Book! – 2 hour workshop

3.  Build a large glass indoor green eco – terrarium with rolling hills of moss and beautiful Fittonia plants Book! – 2 hour workshop

4.  Enquire about company well-being team events – Want to offer your staff a creative and relaxing alternative experience that has clear health benefits for your staff and the office environment?  Please email us with your details.